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Florida | Miami/Dade
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Spend the day with the Gabie Science Bus learning all about Florida Agriculture & Science. Plant fruits, vegetables and flowers to bring home, care for and grow, learn about the honeybee and how honey is made, which crops and animals are grown in Florida, participate in a scavenger hunt inside the Gabie Bus, play games and a great deal more!!


Note: We follow and comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

To Sign your student up to participate please
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• Day | Location - Coming Soon
Address - TBD


STEM Agriculture & Science Field Trip with the Gabie Science Bus.

• Day | Location - Coming Soon
Address - TBD


STEM Agriculture & Science Field Trip with the Gabie Science Bus.

at one of these locations

The Great American Bus Interactive Education, GABIE,  provides a STEM/Agriculture curriculum based mobile, interactive, educational bus and program that covers a multitude of standards that travels to your school.  Our in house bus and program houses displays of your state's primary Agriculture.  Students walk through their state's exciting colorful interactive world of STEM/Agriculture.  We have shadow boxes of different commodities that they can touch, read its educational importance and watch its purpose on our TV's.  We have our very own whisper mill that the students grind wheat seeds into flour. They learn about technology advancement from the 13 colonies to present day America.  We discuss Honey Bee's so they can see how they make honey by a chemical reaction and the importance of their role in our food supply and human survival.  * New Station... Our Germ Station teaches students the importance of good hygiene, history of germs and fun experiments to show how antibacterial soap can repel germs. 

We have hands-on STEM based science projects for the students to participate in. Students will learn about the different regions and the climate and how plants and crops grow, each receiving a seed to watch and document the growth of their own plant. We also teach them about up-cycling and recycling to inspire them to help save our planet.  There are many stations the students will explore  learning not only what their state has to offer but how to use it to survive, prosper and live a healthier lifestyle. Please visit our standards page so you can correlate our program into your curriculum.

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