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About GABIE Adventures

GABIE Adventures  Company provides a curriculum STREAM based mobile, interactive, experiential, educative tool that travels to your school.  Gabie, who is our Honeybee Mascot, is on-hand  with educational facts about their state's Agriculture. 

Climb on board our interactive bus and enter our world of fun and experience learning in a different way that will enlighten your students to the world of their state's Agriculture. Once outside, students will engage in STEM activities to explore the world of science. We hope that they have an amazing  experience.  But watch out, there are some surprises along the way….  


GABIE is assisting in building gardens at schools to help students  who do not have access to a sufficient amount of food.  We will provide a list of basic vegetables and fruits to be planted that the students can readily consume raw.

We will help your school connect with outside resources that can help with a few necessary plants, soil, seeds to your readied site.

Schools will need to make sure that these gardens are watered and maintained so the students can visit in their time of need. When a child finds themselves without a source of nutrition, they can walk down to their school and pick something healthy to eat, so they never ever have to go hungry. With these GABIE Gardens we are joining together each community with their schools to help bring an end to child hunger.

If you do not have a readied site we have some alternative suggestions to beautify your grounds using old tires, pallets or plastic jugs, painted in your school's colors for your garden.


If you wish to have a GABIE Garden at your school contact us at 770.485.8727 or

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GABIE’S Grow and Go
GABIE Corporate Team
Lisa Williams |
Creator/ Owner | Georgia and Tampa

My name is Lisa Williams and I am the owner and creator of GABIE (The Great American Bus Interactive Education.) I began my career working on an ambulance as an EMT-I. My youngest daughter had been chosen to be on a Cartoon Network TV Show where I had to accompany her on set while filming. I took a sabbatical from my job so I could help my 10 yr. old daughter manage her career and school. The vision for GABIE came to me in 2009 while working as a substitute teacher in my local school system, so I could work when my daughter was not filming. I became aware that some students did not have an adequate source of food and /or they did not understand where food came from. This became my mission to resolve that, hence GABIE. GABIE was created to teach students about local agriculture and how to use local items to become self-sustaining and live a healthier lifestyle. I had also noticed the difficulty teachers were having in planning off-site field trips GABIE fixed that problem as it was a mobile field trip, that came to schools in a school bus outfitted with learning stations. GABIE takes the idea of being self-sustaining one step further by working with schools to build and grow gardens where the students can have that additional food source. This also helps them apply what they learned on the GABIE field trip.

My mission with GABIE is “to change the world” – and I am doing that, one field trip at a time.

Anna Bergsrud |
Operations Manager | Georgia

I am a Minnesotan native that grew up in a tight farming community. Agriculture, animals, and healthy living is a passion of mine. I graduated in 2003 with a Communications/Public Relations degree. Since then, I have traveled around the world, with three children supporting my husband who is a pilot in the United States Air Force.

After moving back stateside from living abroad, my family and I decided to make Georgia our forever home. This is when I cam across GABIE. GABIE has given me the amazing opportunity to blend my love of children and agriculture into a fascinating educational experience. Having children of my own, it has become even more important to me to imprint on them the significance of agriculture and the vital role it plays in the success of our health and their future.

Mercedes Laine |
Public Relations Director | Florida

My name is Mercedes Laine and I have been a part of the GABIE program for the last 8 years. After spending over 10 years in Television and Film working with children’s networks, I found a true love and passion for what this company was doing for our youth of tomorrow. In 2010 I join the team as the first “GABIE Bus” came to life. I had the pleasure of joining the “worker bee” crew getting to travel all over teaching the curriculum. Getting to watch the joy of our youth when they learn all about the magic of Agriculture is what drew me to write a themed children’s story book to go along with the GABIE curriculum.

The GABIE book gave us the ability to send a little piece of GABIE home with the kids, so that It could continue to spark the interest of our Agriculture world with these children. Thus, potentially shaping the future farmers and Ag member of the future. The Great American Bus Interactive Education, (GABIE) has given me so many outlets to share my love of education but to also encourage an industry that is so vital to our survival. It is so exciting to watch this program shape the youth of tomorrow.

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